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A while back there were a good number of articles circulating that made the claim that a scientific study said flossing your teeth is ineffective at increasing your teeth’s health.

This study was an analysis of many others that were done over the years. As it compared the different studies, it concluded that in general, when done normally, does not really help remove plaque to any significant degree. Fortunately, this is not entirely accurate.

In one of the studies they analyzed, the compared the benefits of consistent professional flossing with the benefits of unprofessional flossing. The result was obvious. People who had their teeth flossed professionally benefitted greatly, while the other did not. The difference is the technique of flossing.

The real difference between proper flossing and useless flossing is wrapping the floss around your tooth. If you keep the floss in a C-shape around the teeth, that will remove plaque in the proper way. Holding the string straight will contact only a small part of the teeth. That kind of flossing isn’t effective, so remember to wrap it in the C- shape. That will make your flossing worth the time.

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