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The impact of neglecting your oral health care can be devastating and can result in cavities, or in extreme cases, a need for dentures. When it comes to dental maladies, periodontal disease is not discussed nearly as much as those two.

Regular brushing and flossing helps prevent the tartar buildup on teeth. Tartar is made up of the plaque bacteria. If tartar is allowed to develop, it can spread a bacterial infection into your gums. This is periodontal disease. People who have periodontal disease will have symptoms of red and inflamed gums. If it is untreated, periodontal disease can cause the bones of the mouth to loose density. This will in turn cause the teeth in the area to loosen and fall away.
A scaling and root planing treatment is necessary to fight off periodontal disease. During a scaling and root planing, the bacteria will be removed from the roots of the teeth affected as well as their lower surfaces. Regular brushing and flossing to prevent having this procedure from having to be done, however, is the better option.

One contracted, periodontal disease is not curable. Though the bacteria is removed during a scaling and root planing treatment, it can still re-occur. Patients who undergo a scaling and root planing are encouraged to develop and double down on a regular brushing and flossing routine to prevent another infection from happening.