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Many patients do a phenomenal job when it comes to caring for their teeth. They brush, they floss daily, and they see a dentist for regular checkups. They deserve a pat on the back for their attentive care. What can’t be underestimated, though, is the care that is shown to the teeth in between brushing and cleanings. Yes, we’re talking about food.

There are some foods and drinks that can be very harmful to your teeth, and more often than not, sugar is to blame. This is because the bacteria found in plaque takes sugar and creates acids that are harmful to enamel. Candy is our first example. In addition to all candy in general being high in sugar, sticky candies and hard candies are especially bad for your teeth. So, the next time you think of chewing a sticky piece of taffy or chomping down on a sucker consider another option to eat or make sure to rinse with water or brush afterwards.

Speaking of sticky foods, dried fruits are another example of a food you’ll want to eat mindfully. While dried fruit may be healthy for your diet, it tends to stick in your teeth longer and do damage over time. Just make sure to brush and floss after snacking on your favorite trail mix.

When it comes to drinks; what is the main culprit? You’ve guessed it. It’s sugar. Frequent consumption of coffee, tea, soda, alcohol and even drinks that are perceived to be healthy like sports drinks and citrus-flavored water all result in a lot of sugar exposure to your teeth. Be aware of what you’re drinking and choose water when you can.

Aside from the issue of what you’re eating and drinking, there’s the matter of when. Dentists recommend brushing after eating because this keeps bacteria growth under control. Constant snacking prolongs the time until you brush them.

Brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings and exams are crucial. Likewise, avoiding harmful foods in-between all of the other good things you do will help you have the healthy teeth you want. Call Brent Huckabay D.D.S. today at 432-684-6672 to schedule an exam to make sure you’re maintaining your beautiful teeth correctly.