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Due to the severity of oral cancer, it is important to have it checked as soon as possible if you think you are showing any signs or symptoms. Listed below are important symptoms to watch for concerning oral cancer screening recommendations:

– Oral cancer symptoms often contain the failure to heal quickly and effectively within two weeks of an open sore or wound first appearing.

– When looking for irregular signs in a person’s mouth, check for all manner of irregular disorders, including speckled patches, bumps, rough patches, and swelling or eroded areas that cannot be easily explained.

– If you suffer from impaired skills such as speaking and eating, you may be suffering from oral cancer.

– Irregular symptoms associated with oral cancer include drastic weight loss and malocclusions.

– Endless bleeding from your mouth that does not easily heal may be a sign of an underlying illness such as oral cancer.

– Sometimes oral cancer can cause your throat to be sore and raw and can give you the sensation of a constant lump in your throat.

– Numbness or loss of sensitivity in your facial areas can occasionally be linked to oral cancer.

No matter which oral cancer screening method you choose, the real importance is the oral benefits a screening can provide. If you would like Dr. Brent Huckabay and our team at Brent Huckabay D.D.S. to bring you in for an oral cancer screening, please contact our dentist office in Midland, Texas, by calling us at 432-684-6672. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy smile you desire.